TharCarpets and Handicrafts uses handmade process to make their carpets and other products.

The process of manufacturing carpets have 8 stages including Wool sorting & Washing, Carding, Spinning, Dyeing, Carpet Knotting, Trimming, Washing and Drying, Final Touches

Wool sorting and Washing

The very first step in manufacturing carpets or rugs is to sort the wool from unwanted particles. Furthermore it carries dust and grease which can be removed by washing thoroughly. M/S TharCarpets have their own family land where they their own animals and plants from which they get the wool for the manufacturing of carpets or rugs. Normally depending upon the sales order or season they may find it easy to purchase from nearby towns.


In this stage fiber is prepared for spinning that allow to flow smoothly when it is put in spinning wheel. The carding stage gives flexibility to blend different wools and make them at different angles or distribution according to needs of final product.


After finishing carded wool, the fiber is converted to yarn by the process called spinning. Traditionally spinning wheel is used for this purpose but now a days some sophisticated alternatives are available for this process such as spindle and distaff. It depends what kind of thickness you need for manufacturing carpet, so this is the time where it is decided to what thickness we need for carpets.


In this process yarn is dried in the sunlight for three days or more depending upon the weather. There are many ways for dying some of them include pot dyeing and vegetable dyeing.

Carpet Knotting

This is the stage where carpets actually shaped to some physical look. Knotting is an art of weaving yarn. Traditionally this is done on loom. In this stage one or two weavers can work to speed up the process. Each weaver makes their own knots row after row. Interestingly in this process, they look at the design and decide which color yarn to be used. They have practice as by just reading or looking on the paper they develop the same carpet physical shape. The tools used in the process are balls, scissors, iron rod, comb beaters, levers etc.


Once carpet has some physical shape, it is taken out from the loom carefully and with the help of scissors it would be trimmed.

Washing and Drying

The finished carpet is cleaned with chemicals and fresh water. At very second last step the carpet is dried for up to five days depending upon the weather in sunlight.

Final Touches

To make it more clean and smooth one more time dried carpet is trimmed with the help of scissors. The purpose is to make fabric in the level.

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